Let’s get this party started

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So, I’ve finally finished the developmental phase of my pottery business. It has been over a year since I lost my job, and decided to pursue my dream of making pottery for a living. It has been a long road, developing glazes, trying out different styles, making plans, etc. while my style is still a bit of a moving target, and probably always will be, I finally have everything in place to move beyond the hobby and playing level, and to start producing work with a more professional cast to it. I am using all of my own glazes and slips now, am happy with my new clay body, and have a professional looking mark. It’s time now to get serious about production and promotion. This morning is going to be all about throwing as much as I can, as quickly as I can. I will have photos up this evening of the new work in progress.

New stamp/potter’s mark!

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My new potter’s mark stamp arrived today! I purchased it from www.4clay.com and they did an awesome job.


Social Media

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I’ve always been a quite person. I’m not one for small talk, or one who likes to sing his own praises. So I find the trend towards social media daunting. If I want to sell my pottery, I have to promote myself, which means posting on this blog, on twitter, on my art fire blog, Facebook, etc. I find it very daunting, because I don’t know what to say or talk about. I’m always afraid I will bore my customers away. That being said, I’m going to have to really move out of my comfort zone if I really want to make a go at being a professional potter. So I’m going to make a concerted effort to post daily as much as possible. it’s probably going to be boring a lot, and it won’t always be about pottery, sometimes it will just be about my life, but I figure, just like with anything in life, it will get easier with practice.

Small Bottle Video

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Flower Bowl Video

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Large Cookie Jar Video

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Small Biscuit Jar Video

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Squat Vase Video

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And I’m selling again.

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3 years after the birth of my daughter, and a lot of hiccups, I’m finally producing again. Here is my most recent work:

Production finally begins

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Gearing up for Halloween